Billy Apple <em>Re-Altered Staircase</em> detail. Installation view. Photo Bryan James

Billy Apple Re-Altered Staircase detail. Installation view. Photo Bryan James


18 Nov 2017 — 11 Feb 2018

Bill Apple: Re-Altered Staircase

This exhibition completes the third and most recent iteration.

Since its permanent installation and acquisition for the Govett-Brewster Collection in 1980 Billy Apple’s Altered Staircase has been ‘re-altered’ on two occasions linked to renovations and changes of the Govett-Brewster’s architecture.

This exhibition completes its most recent, and third, iteration affected by the construction of the Len Lye Centre and the relocation of the Govett-Brewster’s principal portal (and point of entrance and egress) that was a crucial element of the original work.

Working with long-time collaborator Wystan Curnow, the artist has produced a display about its history, updated the graphic and textual elements of the work, and re-contextualised the work for the future.