The George Mason Visual Arts Scholarship

2016 recipient — Niamh Woollin

The objective of the George Mason Visual Arts Scholarship is to assist a Year 13 student studying any of the five Visual Arts disciplines at a Taranaki secondary school to continue their visual arts study at a tertiary level. The Scholarship encourages not only academic achievers but also any student who demonstrates drive and motivation towards a career in Visual Arts. The Scholarship is awarded annually to the value of $3,000 to be paid as a one-off lump sum to the winning student on proof of enrolment in a Visual Arts tertiary education course.

The Scholarship is managed by the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. This includes administrating the application and award process and promoting the Scholarship to Taranaki visual arts teachers and students through the gallery’s website and education brochure.

Application process

The closing date for Scholarship applications is Wednesday 31 August 2016. Students nominate themselves and write a statement about their work and tertiary study plans. Selection focuses on a single completed artwork from students’ Year 13 portfolios, with relevant supporting material (this could be other work in progress or completed Year 12 work, plus Year 12 NCEA marks), in addition to the student’s artist statement. All images should be supplied as 1MB JPEGS individually attached to the application email as
1 x lead image of final artwork, clearly titled and dated in the file name
7 x supporting images (maximum)
An artist's statement supplied in the email text body (not a PDF)
Applications should be emailed to with George Mason Visual Arts Scholarship Application written in the subject box.

Selection panel

The selection panel is Chris Barry, Educator at Govett-Brewster (BFA & MFA Auckland University, Cert Adult Ed WITT); Peter Avison, tutor in Printmaking, Sculpture and Visual Art Theory at WITT (BA Fine Art SACAE Adelaide, MFA Auckland University); and Chanelle Carrick, Curator Pictorial Collections at Puke Ariki (MA Art History and Theory, University of Otago). No Taranaki school art teachers are on the panel to avoid any perceived conflict of interest.
Applicants should include:
A written relevant artist’s statement (maximum of 500 words)
A brief statement of their intention to undertake and complete tertiary study
Provide visual evidence of a unique, consistent and personal perspective in their art

Award of Scholarship

The Scholarship winner will be announced on 31 October 2016 and the student will receive payment once they have supplied proof of their enrolment in a Visual Arts tertiary education course of a minimum of three years’ diploma status. The artwork and written statement from each year’s winning student will be ‘exhibited’ (and digitally archived) on the schools’ page within the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery’s website. Winning students will be required to annually check in with the Govett-Brewster Educator with proof of their continued enrolment in a Visual Arts tertiary education course, provide their grades for the previous year’s study and supply updated contact details. This is to enable tracking of the success of the Scholarship’s objective.