Family Art with Fox: Create Your Own Art Installation!

Let’s make art that gets us moving!

Join Fox and Govett-Brewster Educator Rebecca for some super fun installation art games at home!

Installation art offers artworks you can go into or interact with.

Design your own arty obstacle course, involving a Hallway Maze, Blindfold Walk, Sense Hut and Colour Run.

Watch the video below and follow along with your whānau.


You will need:

Masking tape, string & scissors

A buddy to lead you with your eyes closed

Torch, coloured plastic & rubber band

A colourful painting

Hallway Maze

Be inspired by this early Govett-Brewster exhibition Real Time, 1970 by Leon Narbey, to explore your own Hallway Maze.

Fix wool and string across / up / down / all over, along your hallway with masking tape (not cellotape).

Now, try creeping under and over the string without touching it. Slow down and stretch into interesting body shapes.

Freeze, what are you feeling?

Try it with a buddy – why not add sound and flicking lights for effects, or make a video of you both exploring?

Blindfold Walk

Change how you experience your world with a Blindfold Walk.

Take turns, with your buddy, to lead each other with eyes shut.

Use your sense of touch, find an unexpected spot (try the bath or under a table) then "open eyes" for a surprise point of view.

Take a photo of what the world looks like from there, up close or from further back.

Sense Hut

Imagine yourself somewhere different - construct an indoor hut using furniture and blankets, to block out light.

Grab a torch, stick some coloured plastic at the end and use this to light up the inside of your hut in different colours!

Invite a buddy inside, and have fun changing colours to imagine the different places you could be.

What other textures to touch or sniff could you add to your sense hut?

Colour Run

Don’t miss the details. Try a Colour Run.

Choose a painting or picture from your wall, a book or online.

Now, race with your buddy, to collect objects around the house that match every patch of colour in your painting.

Lay them out as your own version of the painting. How many of each colour did you collect?

Can you sort the objects in other ways? By size, use or material?

Now, try drawing or painting your new composition.

All Done!

How did your artwork turn out?

Show us what you created in your home art installation!

We would love to see your creation!

Share it with us, take a photo and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #GBCreate or email it to us: and we can share it for you.⁠⠀⁠⠀