My Family Mirumiru (Bubble)

People have been talking about keeping in our bubbles during Covid-19 lockdown.

Who is in your mirumiru?

Let’s have fun making some bubble popping art that shows your whānau!


You will need:

Newspaper or table cover

Food colours

Small containers

Dishwashing liquid



Pieces of paper or card

Pencil or pen for drawing

For inspiration, look at Peter Robinson’s Inflation Theory 1 sculpture on our website or in the image to the left.

Imagine…it’s like the whole universe growing like bubbles!

Step 1

On a covered table, pour 1 tsp of food colour into each container, add a squirt of dishwashing liquid and 2cm of water.

Step 2

Blow hard through the straw into bubble mix, so it froths up over the top of the container.

Step 3

Lay paper on top of the froth, hold it still for a few moments.

Step 4

Turn the paper over to see how the bubbles have printed.

Step 5

When it’s dry, look closely at the amazing mirumiru you have created - their size, shapes and colours.

Step 6

Now, draw your whānau ‘floating’ inside the bubbles.

Add outlines to connect or separate bubbles.

Step 7

Try adding speech bubbles and your own bubbly ideas. POP!

All Done!

Can you find out more about mirumiru?

How do they happen?

What makes them change shape?

How did your artwork turn out?

We would love to see your creation!

Share it with us, take a photo and share it on Instagram with the hashtag #GBCreate or email it to us: and we can share it for you.⁠⠀⁠⠀