Film still from <em>Fukushima Mon Amour</em>

Film still from Fukushima Mon Amour

Fukushima Mon Amour

  • Sun 28 Jan 2018
  • 4—5:50PM
  • Len Lye Centre Cinema
  • Free entry thanks to the Goethe-Institut NZ
  • Booking essential
  • Free entry tickets will be re-allocated to waiting customers five minutes after screening start time
  • Hearing loop provided for the hearing impaired
  • Wheelchair spaces available. Free entry for a companion to assist an audience member who has a disability. Companion seat is automatically allocated when a wheelchair space is booked
  • Rated: M

A young German woman bonds with an elderly Japanese woman while touring the Fukushima region of Japan in the aftermath of the 2011 earthquake.

Marie and her husband separate on their wedding day. In wanting to get as far away as possible the young woman travels to Japan with the organisation “Clowns4Help” to help the survivors of the Fukushima catastrophe. Marie quickly realises that she can’t carry out the task. But she doesn’t want to give up. She accompanies the ageing geisha Satomi to her destroyed house in the exclusion zone, which has been radioactively contaminated since 2011. A surprising friendship slowly forms between the two very different women, from which both have a lot to gain.

In German/Japanese with English subtitles. Germany, 2015/16, Black and White, 108 min., Rated M, Dir. Doris Dorrie.

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Poster for <em>Fukushima Mon Amour</em>

Poster for Fukushima Mon Amour

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