Film still from <em>Gabo, The Magic of Reality</em>

Film still from Gabo, The Magic of Reality

LASFF 2019 - Gabo, The Magic of Reality

Latin America and Spain Film Festival 2019
  • Sun 13 Oct 2019
  • 11AM—12:40PM
  • Len Lye Centre Cinema
  • Presented by the Embassy of Brazil New Zealand
  • Rated: Exempt
  • Free entry
  • Tickets can be booked online or issued at the Gallery on the day of each screening on a first come, first served basis
  • No reservations by phone
  • Please take your seat 10 mins before film starts as empty seats will be re-allocated
  • Wheelchair spaces available. Companion seat is automatically allocated when a wheelchair space is booked

An exploration of the life of Colombian Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Márquez from his humble beginnings until he became one of the most famous Latin American writers.

This documentary presents how the political struggles of Latin America in the 70s and 80s influenced García Marquez’ work, including masterpieces such as “One Hundred Years of Solitude” but also strong  testimonials of Colombia’s contemporary history in ¨News of a Kidnapping” (Noticia de un Secuestro).

Testimonials by family members, friends, co-workers, journalists and writers and politicians such as Bill Clinton, highlight the life of the Colombian writer and explore the significance of García Márquez journalistic writings, his personality, and his perception of reality.

CO, 2015, 90 min., Dir. Justin Webster

In Spanish with English subtitles

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Poster for <em>Gabo, The Magic of Reality</em>

Poster for Gabo, The Magic of Reality

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