<em>Pecoross' Mother and Her Days</em>

Pecoross' Mother and Her Days

Pecoross' Mother and Her Days / Pekorosu no Haha ni Ai ni Iku

Japanese Film Festival 2020
  • Sun 22 Nov 2020
  • 10:05AM—12PM
  • Len Lye Centre Cinema
  • Rated: PG
  • Free entry
  • All welcome | Booking recommended
  • Free entry tickets will be re-allocated to waiting customers five minutes after screening start time
  • Hearing loop provided for the hearing impaired
  • Wheelchair spaces available. Free entry for a companion to assist an audience member who has a disability. Companion seat is automatically allocated when a wheelchair space is booked

The Embassy of Japan, in cooperation with the Japan Foundation, is very pleased to announce the return of the Japanese Film Festival to New Plymouth.

Laid-back baby boomer Yuichi (Ryo Iwamatsu) is a middle-aged manga artist and singer-songwriter when he isn't at his salaryman day job or watching out for his elderly mother.

Suffering from increasing dementia since her husband's death, Mitsue (Harue Akagi) is a constant source of comic energy or annoyance for Yuichi, and he and his son must soon decide if they should put her in a home for the elderly.

Jumping back in time, we see how Mitsue (Kiwako Harada) tracked the tumult of the latter half of the 20th century, being raised as one of 10 brothers and sisters, surviving the war, and having to push her alcoholic husband (Ryo Kase) along in life.

Pecoross is directed by the oldest active film director in Japan, Azuma Morisaki, who creates an emotionally complex work that is only the more profound and life-affirming for its cartoonish portrayal.

2013 | JP | 113 min | Dir. Azuma Morisaki | In Japanese with English subtitles

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<em>Pecoross' Mother and Her Days</em>

Pecoross' Mother and Her Days

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