Installation view, Len Lye: <i>The Absolute Truth of the Happiness Acid.</i>
Image Credit: Sam Hartnett.

Installation view, Len Lye: The Absolute Truth of the Happiness Acid.
Image Credit: Sam Hartnett.

Len Lye Curator Tour

  • Sat 19 Sep 2020
  • 11AM—12PM
  • Len Lye Centre
  • Gallery 5 and Gallery 6
  • Free Entry
  • All welcome

Get an insight into the life and ideas of Len Lye.

Take a walk and talk tour with the curator, through our current Len Lye exhibitions: Sky Snakes and The Absolute Truth of the Happiness Acid.

Witness the newest instalment of the large-scale kinetic sculpture Sky Snakes, recently developed by the Len Lye Foundation and Team Zizz! The mesmerising work comprises seven, ceiling mounted spinning ‘snakes’ of polished steel ball and chain. Audiences will recognise aspects similar to Lye’s other large kinetic work, Trilogy.

The Absolute Truth of the Happiness Acid presents the most comprehensive survey of Lye’s films ever to be exhibited, along with a presentation of material and tools used to create these, from the Len Lye Archive.

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