Len Lye with <i>God of Light</i>, 1970s,
Len Lye Foundation Collection.

Len Lye with God of Light, 1970s,
Len Lye Foundation Collection.

Len Lye Curator Tour

Len Lye Birthday Tour
  • Sun 3 Jul 2022
  • 11AM—12:30PM
  • Len Lye Centre
  • Free
  • All Welcome
  • 11am Tour
  • 12pm Birthday Treat

To celebrate Len Lye’s 121st Birthday on the 5th July, join the Len Lye Curator for a walk and talk through our current Len Lye exhibitions, Convolutions and Rainbow Dance.

The tour will be followed by a birthday surprise for attendees to enjoy!⁠

Len Lye: Convolutions
One of Len Lye’s most novel projects is realised.

Alternatively known as Wall Serpent or Wall Motion Sculpture, Convolutions is among Len Lye’s most intriguing large-scale kinetic sculptures, closer in spirit to the organic forms of his experimental film Tusalava (1929) and his biomorphic paintings of the 1930s than his typical kinetic sculpture of the 1960s.
Spanning over 10 metres in length and 5 metres high, a 28 metre loop of stainless-steel strip travels, thread-like, through an arrangement of rollers reminiscent of a scaled-up film projector.

Len Lye: Rainbow Dance
Join the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in celebrating 120 years of Len Lye.

Rainbow Dance surveys Len Lye’s multimedia practice over his fifty-year career with essential, must-see film and sculptural works together with lesser known and recently conserved works from the Len Lye Foundation collection and archive completing the picture of one of Aotearoa’s most important artists.

Len Lye with <i>Land and Sea</i>, 1970s,
Len Lye Foundation Collection.

Len Lye with Land and Sea, 1970s,
Len Lye Foundation Collection.

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