Nicolás Paris <em>Petricor II</em> 2016, detail.
Photo Oak Taylor-Smith

Nicolás Paris Petricor II 2016, detail.
Photo Oak Taylor-Smith

Workshop for an unpredictable micro-event

Nicolás Paris: what connects us
  • Thu 23 May 2019
  • 11AM—5PM
  • Adam Art Gallery Te Pātaka Toi, Victoria University Wellington
  • Free

Centred around a collective map-building exercise, participants seek to promote exchange and new modes of learning and understanding, to examine new ways of experiencing the places we inhabit.

Over two days, Nicolás Paris leads a workshop for tertiary students based in Wellington.

Artist Nicolás Paris brings together his architectural education and his teaching experience to incorporate elements of collaboration, dialogue and exchange in his work. The gallery serves as a platform for ephemeral, experimental learning experiences, including public conversations, workshops and events. Paris will alter and rearrange different elements of the exhibition to replicate and echo the flow of ideas that took place.

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