Fiona Jack with Ngati Whatua O Orakei <em>Palisade</em> 2008

Fiona Jack with Ngati Whatua O Orakei Palisade 2008


6 Dec 2008 — 1 Feb 2009

Break: Towards a Public Realm

Towards a Public Realm is the fourth instalment of Break - an acclaimed series of Govett-Brewster biannual exhibitions.

Presenting the work of Murray Hewitt, Fiona Jack, Louise Menzies, Kate Newby, Kim Paton, and Peter Wareing.

Curated by Melanie Oliver

Curator Melanie Oliver says the artists take a diverse range of approaches, yet all share an interest in our socio-political processes, structures and histories.

“Employing various media and strategies, this group of artists critically examine the significance of the images, language and architectural forms that surround us. Specifically, they question the relationships that bind societies together, the systems that govern them, and the role that art can play in defining these.”

Whether electing to present their work in public places or within the gallery, each artist engages with their wider surroundings, suggesting artistic practice can act as public space.

“Their works are gestures or propositions for social alternatives. Addressing sustainability in all its forms - environmental, economic, socio-cultural - and the imperative to support local initiatives over global conglomerates, imperial or colonial powers, Towards a Public Realm posits the advocacy of community spirit as not quite so twee after all,” says Oliver.