Len Lye with <em>Fountain</em> c.1966 Image courtesy of the Len Lye Foundation

Len Lye with Fountain c.1966 Image courtesy of the Len Lye Foundation


7 Dec 2007 — 24 Feb 2008

Len Lye: Five Fountains and a Firebush

Five Fountains is a rare opportunity to experience these works simultaneously, offering a new perspective on the importance of scale in Lye’s work.

A gently rotating spray of stainless steel rods, Fountain is one of Len Lye’s most graceful kinetic sculptures. Five different versions of this work, ranging from table-top sculptures to near-monumental works, come together for the first time in this exhibition alongside a shimmering variation called Firebush.

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Several of the works featured in the exhibition have not been seen in decades. In 1961 the Museum of Modern Art in New York showed Firebush, and now the Len Lye Foundation has reconstructed the work according to the artist’s design and wishes. The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery is also proud to present one Fountain owned by the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, and another on loan from Len Lye’s grandson, Benjamin Lindenhahn.