<em>Len Lye with Flower Petals</em>, c.1968. Colour photograph

Len Lye with Flower Petals, c.1968. Colour photograph


18 Dec 2015 — 3 Apr 2016

Len Lye: Flora and Fauna

Len Lye: Flora and Fauna takes a journey through the natural world at the heart of Lye’s practice - the blueprint for his sensual and rhythmic art.
Looking beyond the stainless steel sheen of his kinetic sculpture and the technical wizardry of his filmmaking, this exhibition explores the natural rhythms and imagery that inspired Lye’s practice.

Lye put the body centre stage in his art, exploring our sensual relationship to the world around us and then delving inside, searching the unconscious mind and body for revelation. Ancient myths drawn from his own genes sat side by side with utopian sculpture, equal parts ancient and modern.

From the rock-pool surrealism inspired by a childhood at Cape Campbell to the ‘old brain’ energy of his masterpiece film Particles in Space, Len Lye: Flora and Fauna  is a reminder that Lye’s unique world wasn’t simply a vision of the future, but rooted in the sensual past.

Curated by Paul Brobbel and Sarah Wall
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre