<p>Len Lye, <em>Wand Dance</em>, 2019<br />Len Lye Foundation Collection, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery<br />Photo: Bryan James</p>

Len Lye, Wand Dance, 2019
Len Lye Foundation Collection, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery
Photo: Bryan James


25 Feb — 6 Aug 2023

Len Lye: Wand Dance

One of Len Lye’s most captivating projects returns.

Engineered by the Len Lye Foundation with the support of Team Zizz!, Bell Wands brings the experience of Lye's large outdoor works into the Gallery for a thrilling kinetic experience.

Len Lye fans will be familiar with Lye’s Bell Wand – a 3.4-metre tall dancing wand topped with a shimmering set of sleigh bells. Resembling a dancing figure, Bell Wand was one of Lye's favourite works on account of the boisterous sounds it produced.

The recently reconstructed Wand Dance presents seven Bell Wands swaying, shaking and shimmying in a group composition – a tell-tale sign of Lye's mind at work where bigger is often better. Walking among the seven wands, you will experience one of Lye's most absorbing projects, surrounded by his dancing figures as if inside a dance itself.



About Team Zizz

Spearheaded by the Len Lye Foundation, Team Zizz is a community of donators passionate about the work of Len Lye and the value it adds to the Taranaki region. Through many generous donations to date, Team Zizz has raised the money to fund three large, kinetic sculptures, to be displayed at the Len Lye Centre over the next three years.

With Stage One of its fundraising vision complete, Team Zizz now has a 10-year-plan to raise enough money to create a Len Lye walk in New Plymouth.