Lisa Reihana <em>Ramon</em> 2007 (detail) from <em>Digital Marae</em>

Lisa Reihana Ramon 2007 (detail) from Digital Marae


6 Oct — 9 Dec 2007

Lisa Reihana: Digital Marae

Lisa Reihana’s major ongoing project Digital marae, from 2001, explores haunting images that represent Māori ancestral figures within a wider consideration of the wharenui, the physical structure of the meeting house.

This most recent presentation of Digital marae embraces a new suite of photographs that reference atua, male, and takatapui or cross-gendered figures, in an expansion of Reihana's existing repertoire of arrestingly beautiful female forms.


The large photographs are a contemporary take on pouwhenua, the wooden carvings found lining Māori marae. Imbued with the lyricism of magic realism, these images seamlessly blend the traditional with the contemporary. The video component, Let there be light, suggests a window into another world.