Len Lye in studio. Courtesy the Len Lye Foundation

Len Lye in studio. Courtesy the Len Lye Foundation


16 Jul 2016 — 7 Apr 2017

Projection Series #4: Man Without a Camera

Screening daily (except Tuesdays)

Len Lye's cameraless films including Free Radicals and A Colour Box

The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre presents a state-of-the-art 62-seat cinema, for audiences to experience the films of Len Lye and the wider world of local and international cinema. The cinema welcomes you to see historical experimental film, contemporary artist’s moving image and regular film festival programming, from historical experimental film to contemporary artist’s moving image.

At the heart of the Len Lye Centre’s cinema programme sees the return of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery’s Projection Series, our regular film programme surveying the landscape of historical and contemporary fine art filmmaking.

We present a short survey of Len Lye’s cameraless films. Hand-painting and scratching on to film, Lye pioneered the ‘direct’ animation method, producing the cinematic masterpieces of A Colour Box (1935) and Free Radicals (1958). Alongside these well-known works, A Man Without a Camera showcases Lye’s thrilling work in the films Colour Flight, Color Cry, Particles in Space and Tal Farlow. A short documentary piece accompanies the programme, showing Lye at work in his film studio.

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