Reuben Paterson <em>The Golden Bearing</em> 2014. Govett-Brewster Collection

Reuben Paterson The Golden Bearing 2014. Govett-Brewster Collection


25 Nov 2017 — 28 Jan 2018

Reuben Paterson: The Golden Bearing

Reuben Paterson’s well-loved, shimmering golden sculpture, The Golden Bearing, is presented inside the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery for the first time.

For the festive season Reuben Paterson's hand sculpted, gold-glittered tree returns to view.


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The result of the artist’s three-month residency with the Govett-Brewster, it was first presented in Pukekura Park (2014) and at the Festival of Lights (2014-15). Within the park setting, the hand-sculpted life-sized tree appeared amongst the trees, as if conjured through the re-telling of a fairy tale. Set in the architecture of the gallery, its theatricality is brought to the fore. With gently rustling leaves, The Golden Bearing reflects both the natural environment and the designed gardens of Taranaki that sit beyond our gallery doors.

Paterson (Ngāti Rangitihi, Ngāi Tūhoe, Scottish) references his father’s work as a landscape gardener, his Māori cultural heritage and his ongoing work with artificial plant forms. He continues to work predominantly with glitter, a medium he has used since his studies at Elam School of Fine Arts. Paterson’s large-scale paintings depict Māori and floral motifs, kaleidoscopic patterns, images of animals, landscapes and – most recently – fireworks.

Join in with our wonderful programme of workshops with The Golden Bearing for kids of all ages.