Ruth Buchanan. Photo Stephen Wells

Ruth Buchanan. Photo Stephen Wells

Ruth Buchanan talks on Radio New Zealand's Standing Room Only

Radio interview

01 Dec 2019

An artist who spent months on a residency investigating the Govett Brewster Art Gallery's policy on buying and selling work for its art collection, has curated an exhibition to celebrate the gallery's 50th anniversary.

New Plymouth is home to the Govett Brewster which has championed contemporary art since it opened in February 1970.

Ruth Buchanan, who won the 2018 Walters Art Prize is allocating a decade to each room in the gallery and has chosen work by almost 200 artists, the most artworks shown at one time at the Gallery.

Lynn Freeman called Ruth in Berlin to ask if she chose her favourite art or what were considered the most important works for the show, or if she went in a different direction.

Ruth Buchanan: The scene in which I find myself / Or, where does my body belong opens at the Govett Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth on the 7th of December. Next year on the 29th of February the gallery is throwing a 50th anniversary party.