Len Lye—<em>Motion Composer</em>
Three volume set: <em>Works</em> [illustrations of]; <em>Texts</em> [ten short essays]; <em>Totem & Taboo</em> sketchbook [notebook facsimile]

Len Lye—Motion Composer
Three volume set: Works [illustrations of]; Texts [ten short essays]; Totem & Taboo sketchbook [notebook facsimile]

Exciting Set of 3 Len Lye Publications


31 Jan 2020

This elegantly designed set of three black books is part of a new survey at the Tinguely Museum (in Basel) geared to introduce Len Lye’s films, photograms, paintings, drawings, writings and kinetic sculpture to a European (especially Swiss and German) audience—an expansion of the Pompidou show he had in 2000.

John Hurrell – 4 January, 2020

The notebook facsimile emphasises Lye's insatiable curiosity and how for four years he used sources such as New Zealand's Dominion and Auckland Museums for tribal carving images and Sydney's Mitchell Library for anthropological texts, to educate himself before he left for London as a stoker on a steam ship in 1926. It is a wonderfully fascinating document, with the copied sections of A.A. Brill's 1918 translation of Freud's 'Totem and Taboo' being of particular interest. Even though Lye later rejected them.

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A publication that accompanies the current Lye survey in Switzerland, Len LyeMotion Composer

Exhibition curator and publication editor: Andres Pardey
Writers: Roland Wetzel (foreword), Andres Pardey, Paul Brobbel, Ann Stephen, Megan Tamati-Quennell, Scott Anthony, Tyler Cann, Barry Schwabsky, Wystan Curnow, Janine Randerson, Roger Horrocks
Design: Claudiabasel—Nevin Goetschmann, Jiri Opiatek
English and German versions
Museum Tinguely, Basel / Kehrer Verlag Heidelberg, Berlin, 2019