The Art of Dance


26 May 2020

Calling all dancers, movers and shakers!⁠⠀
The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre has launched The Art of Dance⁠, an open call for dance performances inspired by visual artwork.⁠⠀
How would you perform a dance to visual artworks?⁠⠀

You’re invited to submit a video in response to one, or more of the following artworks:⁠⠀
'Digital Marae: Hinepukohurangi⁠'⁠⠀
Lisa Reihana⁠⠀
'Playground 1⁠'⁠⠀
Vivian Lynn⁠⠀
(A Flip and Two Twisters)⁠⠀
Len Lye⁠⠀
Technix Group LTD, Len Lye, Len Lye Foundation, John Matthews, Leith Robertson.⁠⠀

See previous blog post or event page for full details.


Our first submission is from Sarsha Hope⁠.⁠⠀
Inspired by Len Lye's Trilogy (A Flip and Two Twisters) 1977.⁠⠀

Sarsha is an experienced facilitator & teacher of movement therapies. ⁠⠀
She has explored embodied movement & dance for over 30 years and has been actively teaching for 18. Her teachings fluidly blend her wealth of experience from embodied flow, open floor, 5 rhythms, yoga, tantra & theta healing to create a truly unique offering. ⁠⠀
Sarsha is wildly passionate about guiding the opportunity for students to dive deep into the souls’ inner waters to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their interconnectivity to the whole. Sarsha whole heartedly believes that it is from this place that true change can happen, in our own lives and on the planet. ⁠⠀


You can follow Sarsha on her Instagram: @sarshahopeyoga⁠⠀



Our next submission is from Neve Pierce.
Inspired by Vivian Lynn⁠'s Playground 1⁠, 1975 and⁠ Len Lye’s Trilogy (A Flip and Two Twisters) 1977.

Neve was born and bred in Taranaki and so naturally has a great love for the ocean and the mountain.
She is 20 years old and has recently graduated from the New Zealand School of Dance in Wellington.
The lockdown has brought her back home to her family where she has been able to slow down and reflect on an incredibly fulfilling past three years.
The initial vision for how her year was looking to play out has completely shifted, but has given her a larger perspective on future priorities and intentions. “You are an artist, no matter how often you make art or how much you make from it.”
You can follow Neve on her Instagram: @neve_pierce⠀



Our next submission is from Sophie Gargan⁠.⁠⠀⁠
Inspired by Len Lye’s Trilogy (A Flip and Two Twisters) 1977.⁠

Sophie is a professional contemporary dancer, graduating from NZ school of dance in 2015. ⁠
She has danced with many companies and independent artists both nationally and internationally since graduating. Sophie finds the combination of physicality and creativity constantly evokes inspiration and challenge. ⁠
It pushes her to evolve and ask questions of the world and environments around her. She was born and raised in New Plymouth and returns regularly to connect with community and share her passion of dance, yoga and expression of self⁠.

You can follow Sophie on her Instagram: @sgargz⠀⁠



Stay tuned for future submissions in the coming weeks.

<i>Digital Marae: Hinepukohurangi⁠</i>, Lisa Reihana, 2001.⁠⠀

Digital Marae: Hinepukohurangi⁠, Lisa Reihana, 2001.⁠⠀

<i>Playground I</i>, Vivian Lynn, 1975.

Playground I, Vivian Lynn, 1975.

<i>Trilogy (A Flip and Two Twisters)</i>, Len Lye, 1977.

Trilogy (A Flip and Two Twisters), Len Lye, 1977.