Candice Lin, in her studio, Artist's own image

Candice Lin, in her studio, Artist's own image

Candice Lin Speaks to Radio New Zealand's Standing Room Only

Radio Interview

05 Aug 2020

Ahead of their exhibition opening this Saturday 8 August, LA-based artist Candice Lin discusses how the themes in her collection, which looks at the history of plagues, viruses and blame, have been made uncannily relevant by current global events, on RNZ's Standing Room Only programme.

Acclaimed US-based artist Candice Lin spoke from Los Angeles, to Lynn Freeman for an interview first broadcast on Sunday 2 August about the upcoming exhibition, including the trebuchet artwork that features. 

The show highlights how the the themes in the upcoming Pigs and Poison exhibition, have been made eerily prescient by the Chinese American artist, who made the artworks before Covid-19.

The exhibition explores the history of plagues and viruses, borders and segregation; racial profiling and conspiracy theories; and how certain communities over centuries have both been blamed for them or spread them.

With Lin now unable to visit during the exhibition opening, due to the pandemic, the artist has relied on the Govett-Brewster team to install the show. Pigs and Poison opens at the Govett-Brewster this Saturday 8 August, alongside Rumours (Mermaid) by Digital Artist 'In Residence' Sorawit Songsataya and Len Lye's The Absolute Truth Of The Happiness Acid.

it will mark the first time since lockdown that all the exhibition suites are fully open, with an official opening to celebrate being held. Join us for events throughout the day, including trebuchet performances, a Curators Tour, a pre-recorded speech from Lin and a short film screening giving an inside look of her studio in LA.