Grounded in Place Symposium 2021

Grounded in Place Symposium 2021

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02 Nov 2021

Over three days in October, the Grounded in Place online symposium presented a conversation between 16 Frist Nation artists, curators, and filmmakers, along with non-indigenous scholars and museum professionals.

Seeking to foster korero and possible collaboration between First Nation artists from Australia, Taiwan and Aotearoa, the symposium explored indigenous relationships to the ‘land’ through the creative process, exploring the common ground across multiple cultures and creative disciplines.

The theme explored our relationship to the “land” from the standpoint of First Nations artists and filmmakers. While speakers’ perspectives and creative approaches are highly individualistic, some common themes emerged around land and place which were further explored in this discussion.

New fields of research and inquiry emerged from these conversations. A bilingual publication will serve as a lasting record of this conversation, contribute to scholarship, and provide a useful resource for students, teachers, and museum professionals. An exhibition, featuring works by First Nation artists from our region, will also further develop this dialogue, research, and collaborative partnership.

The Govett-Brewster Art Gallery’s Director Zara Stanhope and Associate Curator Indigenous Art Megan Tamati-Quennell both took part in Grounded in Place, moderating multinational artist panels on the themes of Place and Space, and History and Sovereignty respectively.

The symposium extends themes explored elsewhere in the Gallery’s programming, including the exhibitions Tai Moana Tai Tangata and Swallowing Geography, both of which centre on relationships with land and place.


Watch recordings of the Symposium below:



Grounded in Place Symposium 2021

Grounded in Place Symposium 2021