Tai Moana Tai Tangata: A Taranaki Tribal Perspective

Tai Moana Tai Tangata: A Taranaki Tribal Perspective

Tai Moana Tai Tangata: A Taranaki Tribal Perspective

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14 Apr 2021

Tai Moana Tai Tangata – A Taranaki Tribal Perspective is a five-part speaker series extending on the themes of Tai Moana Tai Tangata, bringing a Taranaki lens to continue the exhibition’s narrative.

This after hours speaker event offers an opportunity for the Taranaki community to come together to kōrero, and hear from local speakers on nationally significant topics. Other events in the series include; Wharehoka Wano on Te Kingitanga and Ngā Iwi o Taranaki, Dr Ruakere Hond on Kiwai Kete, Ngamata Skipper on waiata poi and a Te Reo Māori tour of Brett Graham's Tai Moana Tai Tangata with Te Ingo Ngaia.

Bringing this sold out series to you, you can now watch the previous events in the videos below. Please note: these videos were live streamed so you may need to skip ahead to the beginning of the event.

Wharehoka Wano: Te Kingitanga and Ngā Iwi o Taranaki

Founded in the Waikato in 1858, Kingitanga sought to unite Māori under a single sovereign. The connection between the second Māori king, Tawhiao, and Taranaki is strong, and based on principles of peace central to both Parihaka and the Pai Marire religion. As the King’s representative in Taranaki, Wharehoka Wano will discuss this past, and what it could mean for the future of Taranaki.

Dr Ruakere Hond: Kiwai Kete

Dr Ruakere Hond is a long-time kaiako (teacher) and proponent of the revitalisation of the local form of te reo Māori in Taranaki. He is considered one of the key Taranaki tribal leaders in tikanga and histories.Kiwai Kete acknowledges the close relationship between Tainui Waikato and Taranaki and Ruakere will talk to the history of this connection and how that relationship continues through to today.

Ngamata Skipper: Waiata Poi 

Poi are often considered in the context of entertainment or cultural performance, but for Ngā Iwi o Taranaki they take on a greater significance in terms of history and status. An ancient art, Poi in Taranaki regained popularity at Parihaka, imbued with an oral narrative of identity and justice, and of resistance.

Bishop Philip Richardson: The Cathedral Church of St Marys

The Cathedral Church of St Marys was known as the settler’s church, and at one time held the colonial force’s stocks of gunpowder. It also holds the world’s foremost collection of hatchments - the military shields of the many regiments who served here in support of colonisation. It is located at the foot of Pukaka.