Mind Over Manner in action

Mind Over Manner in action

Free neurodiversity workshop at Gallery

2-3 May 2023

19 Apr 2023

Mind Over Manner is presenting a free neurodiversity workshop using the power of theatre to introduce participants to an alternative way of understanding people who experience and respond to the world differently because of the way their minds are wired.

Mind Over Manner provides education, solutions and strategies for how to respond appropriately to those who sense and learn differently, or those who are in takiwātanga - their own time and space.

Using a facilitator and experienced team of actors, the workshops will show how a person's perception and relationship to the world can result in negative, confused or confusing behaviour. By bringing a number of charged scenarios to life, the workship will unpack, re-evaluate, and respond to these misunderstood moments that can so easily occur in our everyday public spaces.

The strategies and solutions that emerge through these workshops will provide participants with an informed and respectful understanding of our neurodivergent people and their whanau in their public environment.

These workshops are relevant to all people who are alongside those who experience anxiety (whether diagnosed or not) We encourage all members of the community to engage in these much-needed, inspiring and illuminating workshop.

Book your spot on this course, supported by the Govett-Brewster, here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/free-neurodiversity-workshops-new-plymouth-tickets-596396326467


"It is the most powerful, emotionally-charged and practical professional learning I have ever experienced" - Teacher and Parent