Exhibition Opening 3rd Dec 2022

Photos Hayley Bethell

We opened:

Te Au: Liquid Constituencies
3 Dec - 20 Mar 2023
Bonita Bigham, Megan Cope, Erub Arts, Ruha Fifita, Taloi Havini, INTERPRT, María Francisca Montes Zúñiga, Angela Tiatia, Te Waituhi ā Nuku: Drawing Ecologies, Arielle Walker.

We are nourished, shaped by, and dependent upon the waters and currents around us. Springs, streams, rivers and oceans have long been sources of food and sustenance, routes for voyaging and trade, and repositories of spiritual knowledge and a sense of identity.

We should be one with water and water with us. To be so would require a delicately held balance - one that has not been disturbed by centuries of colonial expansion, resource extraction and industrial production. Now more than ever, the waters around us require care, restoration and guardianship.

The Unfurling
3 Dec 2022 - Ongoing
Shannon Novak and Pasha Clothier.

Forming part of the Make Visible: Taranaki project, this collaborative work is a window-based intervention in the Len Lye Centre that makes visible different spectrums via the lenses of identity and gender. The Unfurling comprises two distinct yet spiritually connected window works by Novak and Clothier.