Art that Moves: The Work of Len Lye

$70.00 NZD

First published in 2009, this lively book has been re-released in 2015 as the art and life of Len Lye continues to fascinate readers in New Zealand and around the world.

The generously illustrated book also includes a DVD containing a short documentary by Shirley and Roger Horrocks alongside brilliant footage from Lye's films and sculptures in motion.

Roger Horrocks: 'My book is about an important artist and a big idea, Len Lye’s idea that movement could become the basis for new forms of art. . . He believed that only a few of the possibilities of movement had so far been tapped. This book aims to explore what the world of art – and the world in general – may have looked like through the eyes of an artist whose passionate interest was ‘the mystery of motion’. '