David Clegg: loca projects / correction

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Published in association with the exhibition David Clegg: loca projects / correction (6 Aug - 5 Nov 2017) at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.

The publication presents a selection of works from the exhibition, as full-size reproductions.

Released from their original setting, within the architecture of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and Len Lye Centre, the works open towards new relationships, formed within and through the accompanying texts, as an extension of the project.

The David Clegg: loca projects / correction publication includes writing by Abby Cunnane, Robyn Maree Pickens and Wystan Curnow, with an introduction by Director Simon Rees.

Publication Editors: David Clegg and Tendai John Mutumbu

Publication Design: Amy Yalland, Index

Printed: Index, Soar

ISBN: 978-0-908848-97-3

64 pages

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