Govett-Brewster Collection

Ghost Dog

Max Gimblett

Ghost Dog, 2004

Study after 'Blue/Red - to Len Lye'

Max Gimblett

Study after 'Blue/Red - to Len Lye', 1978


Michael Smither

Squall, 1975

Drawing for "Mown"

Fiona Hall

Drawing for "Mown", 2007

Veracruz Grackle (II)

Don Binney

Veracruz Grackle (II), 1968

Blind Maori

Tony Fomison

Blind Maori, Unknown

Dolphins and lovers

Michael Smither

Dolphins and lovers, 1969

Untitled (Echelon - Waihopai / HO scale)

Brendon Wilkinson

Untitled (Echelon - Waihopai / HO scale), 2001

Sea and Sky

Michael Smither

Sea and Sky, 1972

 Promissiones inanes (Empty promises)

Megan Jenkinson

Promissiones inanes (Empty promises), 1988

Laurence Aberhart, Waitara, 2010

Peter Peryer

Laurence Aberhart, Waitara, 2010, 2011

Mother and child (red version)

Michael Smither

Mother and child (red version), 1961

Jeffrey Harris

Angel, 1978

Len Lye, Snowbirds (8)

Dane Mitchell

Len Lye, Snowbirds (8), 2010

Toss Woollaston

Rock Cyclamen, Unknown