Govett-Brewster Collection

Drawing for "Mown"

Fiona Hall

Drawing for "Mown", 2007


Li'l Mamas Art Klub

Lalaga, 2008

L. Budd

source (origin and exclusion), 1987

Michael Smither

Taranaki (b),

Untitled (Based on the numeral 5), no.5

Gordon Crook

Untitled (Based on the numeral 5), no.5, 1979

Sacred pathways

Darcy Nicholas

Sacred pathways, 1988


Caucasian carpet,

Mother changing child early morning

Michael Smither

Mother changing child early morning, 1967


Stanley Palmer

Inlet, 1973


Find a need and fill it, 1996

Back Beach diptych

Michael Smither

Back Beach diptych, 1975

Jacqueline Fraser

Scud Warheads, 2002

Line fishing

Michael Smither

Line fishing,


Dick Frizzell

Yellow, 2011

Untitled (spine)

Richard Reddaway

Untitled (spine), 1988