Govett-Brewster Collection

Michael Smither

Untitled (Back Beach - red), 1974

The devil on temporary employment

Glenn Jowitt

The devil on temporary employment, 1979


Francis Upritchard

Horseman, 2008

Ian McMillan

Painted Plank 52, 1984

The rain starts gently - Karamatura

Stanley Palmer

The rain starts gently - Karamatura, 1971

Spending Time

Joe Sheehan

Spending Time, 2006

That louse Delacroix

Rudi Gopas

That louse Delacroix, 1976

Yvonne Coleman

Electricity 1987-88 Pukekura Park, 1988

Tracey's world (Parts I and II)

Terry Urbahn

Tracey's world (Parts I and II), 1995

Michael Smither

Taranaki (b),

The dark cloud

Michael Smither

The dark cloud, 1973

Is Domenico de Clario over-rated?

Michael Stevenson

Is Domenico de Clario over-rated?, 1996

Alan Loney

The New Zealand Scholar, 1982

Michael Smither

Trawling (without cloud),

Example of Mnemonic Structure #3

Dane Mitchell

Example of Mnemonic Structure #3, 2004