Govett-Brewster Collection

Michael Smither

Entombment of Christ, 1962

Moon series

Michael Smither

Moon series, 1975

Untitled (Seascape with cliffs and pohut

Constance Weyergang

Untitled (Seascape with cliffs and pohutukawa trees),

Anton Parsons

Jamb, 1997

Pauline Thompson

Children in the square, 1984

Elizabeth Thomson

Fantham's Peak, 1988

Darcy Lange

Allotment Gardens, UK., 1972-1974

What kind of man drinks whisky? Part (1)

Stuart Page

What kind of man drinks whisky? Part ..., 1982

Dark cloud 2

Michael Smither

Dark cloud 2, 1973

Shed in moonlight, Central Otago

Michael Smither

Shed in moonlight, Central Otago, 1963

Untitled (spine)

Richard Reddaway

Untitled (spine), 1988

Playground VI

Vivian Lynn

Playground VI, 1975-1980

Black crawlers

Richard Killeen

Black crawlers, 1978

Three fishermen and a cat

Michael Smither

Three fishermen and a cat,

Taree Mackenzie

Black Line Formation, 2013