Current Exhibitions

<p><em>Several degrees of attention: Thinking with the Collection</em></p>
Several degrees of attention
  • 9 Jul — 13 Nov 2022
  • Govett-Brewster Art Gallery

Several degrees of attention features four curatorial projects, each one departing from a work or group of works in the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery Collection.

<p>Len Lye, <em>Atomic Dance</em>, 1960. Collection Len Lye Foundation</p>
Len Lye: Atomic Power
  • Today — 26 Apr 2023
  • Gallery 5 and West Ramp

In the 1940s Lye’s politics placed the artist amongst a group of figures concerned with questions of freedom, peace and the idea of global community. Atomic Power tells that story.

Len Lye, <i>Convolutions</i>, 2021, Len Lye Foundation. Image: Bryan James.
Len Lye: Convolutions
  • 4 Dec 2021 — 21 Aug 2022
  • Len Lye Centre

Alternatively known as Wall Serpent or Wall Motion Sculpture, Convolutions is among Len Lye’s most intriguing large-scale kinetic sculptures, closer in spirit to the organic forms of his experimental film Tusalava (1929) and his biomorphic paintings of the 1930s than his typical kinetic sculpture of the 1960s.

<p>Shona Rapira Davies, <em>Ko Te Kihikihi,</em> 2021, installation image, ramp corridor / hallway, Len Lye Centre. Image: Hayley Bethell.</p>
Shona Rapira Davies: Ko Te Kihikihi
  • 14 Feb — 11 Sep 2022
  • Hallway

Ko Te Kihikihi acknowledges Taranaki history, particularly the Land Wars which saw armed conflict over land ownership and sovereignty between Iwi and the New Zealand government from March 1860 to March 1861.

<p>Shona Rapira Davies, Ko Te Kihikihi Taku Ingoa, initial sketch, 2022.<br />Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.</p>
Shona Rapira Davies: Ko Te Kihikihi Taku Ingoa
  • 5 Aug 2022 — 2 Aug 2023
  • Lower Ramp

Ko Te Kihikihi Taku Ingoa is a major new installation by Shona Rapira Davies (Ngāti Wai ki Aotea, Aotearoa, New Zealand) that responds to histories distinct to Taranaki and to the ‘cathedral-like’ space of the gallery.

<p>Emerita Baik, <em>O</em>, 2022. <br />Silk, ink, polyester, installation view. <br />Courtesy of the artist. Photo: Bryan James</p>
  • 9 Jul — 7 Nov 2022
  • Open Window

Made up of a series of soft sculptures, based on the form of carved wooden Mandarin ducks often gifted in pairs at Korean wedding ceremonies. Mandarin ducks mate for life, and will mourn for their partner after their passing. As a gift, the ducks contain wishes of wealth, health, fidelity and fertility.

<p>Layne Waerea, <em>Free Public Sauna,</em> research image, 2022. <br />Image courtesy of the artist.</p>
Public Relations: A performance series
  • Today — 13 Nov 2022
  • Govett-Brewster Art Gallery / Len Lye Centre + Offsite Locations

Three new performance-based projects will unfold at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery and in public sites around Ngāmotu between August and November 2022.

WharehokaSmith <em>Kūreitanga II IV</em> 2016, installation view at Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. Courtesy the artist. Photo Sam Hartnett
WharehokaSmith: Kūreitanga II IV
  • 1 Sep 2016 — Ongoing
  • Todd Energy Learning Centre

A site-specific artwork by Taranaki artist WharehokaSmith, commissioned to rest at the heart of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.



<p>Len Lye, <em>Sky Snakes</em>, 1965 (2019 reconstruction).&nbsp;Len Lye Foundation Collection, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery. Photograph&nbsp;Bryan James</p>
Len Lye: Sky Snakes
  • 3 Sep 2022 — 6 Feb 2023
  • Gallery 6

A large-scale kinetic sculpture from the Len Lye Foundation and Team Zizz!