Govett-Brewster Collection

Antarctica, Discovery Museum, Dundee

Anne Noble

Antarctica, Discovery Museum, Dundee, 2003

Self Portrait

Paul Hutchinson

Self Portrait, 1984

Untitled (woman found flayed and wrapped

Shona Rapira Davies

Untitled (woman found flayed and wrapped in ..., Unknown


Jim Speers

Fokker, 1998

No extras for prayers

Rudi Gopas

No extras for prayers, 1978

Moon series

Michael Smither

Moon series, 1975

Line fishing

Michael Smither

Line fishing,

Pauline Rhodes

Extensum/Extensors, 1983

Cell (After an Angel at My Table) Seacli

Ann Shelton

Cell (After an Angel at My Table) ..., 2003

The rain starts gently - Karamatura

Stanley Palmer

The rain starts gently - Karamatura, 1971

Squeezing the Bones

Alan Loney

Squeezing the Bones, 1978-1983

Untitled (Seascape)

W.S. Dodley

Untitled (Seascape),

Don Driver

Large cross, 1977

Ruby's room No. 16

Anne Noble

Ruby's room No. 16, 2000

Early bird

Barry Cleavin

Early bird, 1976