Painting No.9

Don Peebles

Painting No.9, 1969

Carmen at Miss New Zealand Drag Queen Ba

Fiona Clark

Carmen at Miss New Zealand Drag Queen ..., 1975


Hye Rim Lee

Toki/cyborg, 2002

Three fishermen boarding boat

Michael Smither

Three fishermen boarding boat,

Cloud study

H.W. Edwards

Cloud study, 1970

news of the week

Sister Corita Kent

news of the week, 1969

Ian McMillan

Painted Plank 52, 1984

Domain - Paddy

Christine Webster

Domain - Paddy, 1984

Working drawing for 'Gaia', no. 2

James Ross

Working drawing for 'Gaia', no. 2, 1984


Tom Mutch

Suesan, 1973

Example of True Stratification # 1

Dane Mitchell

Example of True Stratification # 1, 2004

Spin Theory

Andy Thomson, Daniel von Sturmer

Spin Theory, 2011

Give a poor man religion

Dale Copeland

Give a poor man religion, 1984

Self portrait

Tom Mutch

Self portrait, 1979

Line fishing

Michael Smither

Line fishing,