Govett-Brewster Collection

Rising, The Frozen North

Max Gimblett

Rising, The Frozen North, 2008


Julia Morison

Net, 2011

Pauline Thompson

City square, 1984

Digital Marae: Maui

Lisa Reihana

Digital Marae: Maui, 2007


John Panting

Untitled, 1968

For the true anatomy - Flying fish

Barry Cleavin

For the true anatomy - Flying fish, 1975

Towel dispenser

Robert Bechtle

Towel dispenser, 1969

Mount Egmont with observatory

Dorothy Richmond

Mount Egmont with observatory, 1925

Black crawlers

Richard Killeen

Black crawlers, 1978


Michael Smither

Untitled, 1978

Tunny boats in the inner harbour at Conc

Sydney Thompson

Tunny boats in the inner harbour at ..., Unknown

Painted Plank 17

Ian McMillan

Painted Plank 17, 1984

Michael Smither

Study for polyphonic chord, 1980

Wedgewood mountain

Michael Smither

Wedgewood mountain, 1976

Jim Speers

Crystal Spirit, 2009