Govett-Brewster Collection


Neil Dawson

Horizons, 1983

Towel dispenser

Robert Bechtle

Towel dispenser, 1969


Denys Watkins

Untitled, 2011

Storm and trawler

Michael Smither

Storm and trawler, 1965

Coat drawing No.6

Tom Kreisler

Coat drawing No.6, 1970


Toss Woollaston

Moturoa, 1977

Nature Morte (Silence), Savage Club, Wan

Laurence Aberhart

Nature Morte (Silence), Savage Club, Wanganui, 26 ..., 1986

Untitled (Redhead)

Michael Smither

Untitled (Redhead), 1979

Jackie, Mojos Nightclub, Auckland

Fiona Clark

Jackie, Mojos Nightclub, Auckland, 1975

Peter Taylor

Return to Frazer Cave, 1982

Ghost Dog

Max Gimblett

Ghost Dog, 2004


Chinese tapestry,


Denys Watkins

Work, Circa 1978

Is Dale Frank over-rated?

Michael Stevenson

Is Dale Frank over-rated?, 1996

Coat drawing No.4

Tom Kreisler

Coat drawing No.4, 1970