Govett-Brewster Collection

Moon series

Michael Smither

Moon series, 1975

Untitled two-part painting

Don Peebles

Untitled two-part painting, 1978

Bayly's Hill

Toss Woollaston

Bayly's Hill, Circa 1966-Circa 1967

Stuart Page

Stuart Page's [TM] Artificially Flavoured Wild Side ...,


Robert Jesson

Adulla, 1984

Jacqueline Fraser

Scud Warheads, 2002

Michael Smither

Sun setting on Back Beach, 1975

Deception Island, Antarctica

Anne Noble

Deception Island, Antarctica, 2005


Alan Harold

Douglas, 1975

Tanya about to fly

John Drawbridge

Tanya about to fly, 1967


Peter Peryer

Tecomanthe, 2006

Someone left a horse on the shore

Gigi Scaria

Someone left a horse on the shore, 2009

Untitled (Based on the numeral 5), no.12

Gordon Crook

Untitled (Based on the numeral 5), no.12, 1979

Michael Smither

Diary of a summer mountain III, 1972

Botanics (brown)

Boyd Webb

Botanics (brown), 2003