Kineticism: Len Lye and the Howard Wise Gallery

28 Oct 2023 - 28 Apr 2024

Kineticism: Len Lye and Howard Wise Gallery draws upon Lye's work in and around one of New York's most celebrated gallerists, to survey the artist's practice as a kinetic sculptor during the 1960s. 

After turning away from an acclaimed career in experimental film at the close of the 1950s, Lye reinvented himself as a creator of "art that moves," finding a place at the vanguard of kinetic art and into collaboration with Howard Wise (1903-1989), whose gallery on 50 West 57th Street was an international focal point through the 1960s for ground-breaking artists at the nexus of art and technology. 

Kineticism: Len Lye and Howard Wise Gallery features kinetic sculptures from each of the exhibitions to feature Lye at Howard Wise Gallery, vintage footage of Lye's works performing at the Gallery, and previously unseen documentation of Lye's projects in the 1960s.