2016: Naimh Woollin

George Mason Visual Art Scholarship

30 Aug 2016

For as long as I can remember, creating and making forms of art has always been a major part in my life.

I have always known I would go on to study in something in the creative area, and I can’t imagine myself going in any other direction. I’m currently applying to study at Elam School of Fine Arts, and I’m hoping that by joining this art community will lead me confidently and with the skills and knowledge into the world, and open up the life of being an artist.

These seven works I have picked for this scholarship reflect the styles and themes that I like and are interested in working in and with. I enjoy working in a variety of styles and genres in my art, giving me chances and opportunities to branch out and not be confined by one type of art. I choose these images as they reflect the aesthetics I love and admire in the world and love to portray in my work. Architectural and self-portraits are what I’ve chosen to include, and I’ve found that the two genres of art have played a big part in my artist development in photography this year. The self-portraits were used for my internal and external work done this year, demonstrating the idea and theme of the pressure and standards that are put on young women. The architectural shots were done out of my hobby for photography when I visited Auckland, and I plan on using them for my portfolio for university application.

Last year I managed to get excellence endorsement in photography as a subject, and merit endorsement in painting. I was very happy with these result as these two subjects mean the most to me at school. If my application to Elam is successful, I can’t wait to further develop my skills and techniques in a broad range of different forms of art.

7 November 2016

I have been accepted into the Bachelors of Fine Arts (Honours) degree at Massey after completing my interview. I have also completed my enrolment with Elam School of Fine Arts, but I am more drawn to Massey and their Fine Arts degree now as it offers courses and opportunities in film production and media in their first year and throughout their course, different to the structure Elam follows.