2019: Rhiannon Higgs

The George Mason Visual Arts Scholarship 2019 recipient
2019 Rhiannon Higgs

Rhiannon Higgs, Curved Reality, 2019. Courtesy the artist

"Curved Reality is an artistic perspective that sees the extraordinary within the ordinary – the unseen within the overlooked.

Last year, my photography folio board was based on the architecture of clothing, inspired by the structural folds of a blue dress. By printing out an abstracted photograph of the folds of a dress, I folded the paper along the folds to create a self-supporting structure, representing the strength of femininity. Then, printed on silk, the photograph became an extension of the dress itself – an abstracted reality that ripples in the wind.

This year, my photography folio is inspired by a traffic cone that stands within the landscape. I noticed the striking contrast of its neon orange colour lined with reflective stripes against the mountainous landscape. My folio board is about discovering the extraordinary within the ordinary – to slightly curve the reality we see. To do this, I abstracted the cone to its most fundamental roots – in form and colour. By blurring the photographs the cone becomes an extension of the landscape, which is still grounded in structural lines. These abstracted photographs were printed double-sided on a piece of card which I then curved into both the shape of a cone and the soft rolling hills. A reality that has been curved by imagination.

Next year, at Massey University in Wellington I am planning to study Design, which in my first year will include: Photography, Spatial Design, Fashion Design and Textile Design. I will focus on sustainability and creativity of design, whilst continuing to find the extraordinary within the everyday.

Throughout my photography I have been inspired by the folded structure of Aliki Braine’s photography and the architecture of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery/Len Lye Centre, the soft blocks of colour in Mark Rothko’s paintings and the linear blurred landscapes of Uta Barth."