2020: Tessa Barry

The George Mason Visual Arts Scholarship 2020 recipient
2020 Tessa Barry

Tessa Barry, Hyde, 2020. Courtesy the artist.

"These photographs were taken inside my Grandfather’s workshop where I enjoyed investigating different perspectives of various objects. This encouraged me to continue experimenting after the photographs were taken to produce several photomontages.

I’ve drawn inspiration from how I perceived the workshop when I was very young. As a child this space was almost an alternate universe that challenged the reality in which I was being led to believe. I think my Grandfather would have liked what I’ve created.

Changing visual perspectives leads to questioning our perspectives metaphorically. Am I right to see the world the way I do? Can my art help people reconsider their own perspectives?

Next year I intend to go to Victoria University of Wellington or Auckland University to study architecture which will take my experiments with space to a new level. I can imagine my photographs as inspiration for buildings."