2023: Theo Tamati-Ransom

"I choose my theme of underwater ruins because I am interested in both the marine world and architecture. I love painting overgrown greenery, especially it taking back over where humans have failed on this planet.

Like with the climate catastrophe, sea levels will one day rise and possibly submerge all the worlds cities and its buildings.

Perhaps that's what happened to the Greek city of Atlantis?

My paintings are from my imagination. They are scenes of old architecture forgotten. overgrown under the sea over the years. Sunlight filters down from above, casting a glow illuminating the details of the archways. I want the viewer to imagine the stories that are kept within these old structures. I choose sea shades of blue-greens, greens and blacks to make it enchanting.

It’s a place of wonder, tranquillity and mystery.

I'm enrolled in a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Massey University 2024."