Land Marks

Available: 2 March - 16 June 
Curriculum links: Science, Visual Art
Year level: 3-8
Duration: 90 minutes

Tour Sorawit Songsataya's exhibition Fibrous Soul and explore art that connects with Taiao (nature), focussing on stories of earth and people. Learn how we can share our connection to our tūrangawaewae in imaginative ways. Students either cast 3D wax mini pou or use warm wax to create encaustic collage painting.

At school:

  • What’s special about where you live?
  • How can you be a kaitiaki for taiao in your rohe?
  • Investigate how humans have changed the land near your school
  • Find out about geological time
  • How old are rocks and how are they made?
  • Create art inspired by a story that explains natural forces or ancient times