Moana Puppet Play

Available: until 8 October
Curriculum links: Visual Art, Sustainability
Year level: ECE - 4
Duration: 90 minutes

Get inspired by art with an eco aquatic focus. Shona Rapira Davies’ huge sculpture Ko te Kihikihi Taku Ingoa introduces us to the ancient tale of the whale and the kauri tree. Local artist Jacqui Elleyrecycles beach combed plastics into complex lightboxes. Len Lye’s Edge of the Sea shows how to get great art ideas connected withte moana (the sea).

In the studio we sculpt mixed media shadow puppets to float through a sea of projected light.Give your ocean creature a voice, and create its message for humans about caring for taiao (nature). Classes visiting the Gallery may also consider visiting the Reef Alive exhibition at Puke Ariki.

Connected activities at school

  • Watch this video to find out more about the story of the Kauri and Tohorā
  • Share this short resource about artist Jacqui Elley and the story behind her art Jacqui Elley's Lightbox Google slides.
  • List ways you and your whānau could improve your school or community’s environment and get started!
  • Find out how other artists spread a message of kaitiakitanga.
  • How did Len Lye get inspired by nature?
  • Research and learn more about the art and life of Len Lye.
  • Check out animated moana themed tales from a Pasifika point of view on Coconet tv, including The Tale of the Terrible Tuna
  • Sea Week has already passed for this year but there are still great resources and links available on the Sea Week website