Pictures that Move

Visual Art / Science: Physical World / Technology
Y 5 - 8, 90 mins+

How did old school animation work? What makes Len Lye’s films still cool today?

We go to the ‘flicks’ to discover how image, movement and sound are combined to create an illusion. Students analyse animation techniques and use gallery zoetropes (animation viewing devices) to create their own moving image.

See: The Edge of the Sea and Charting the Zig Zags exhibitions 

BYO your class video camera, phone or ipad to record students’ animations.

At school:
Google Slide: Len Lye Style Flip Book

Click below to view Len Lye films online:
A Colour Box
The Birth of a Robot
Free Radicals

Films supplied by Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision. Please respect the integrity of Len Lye’s artwork by not copying his films.

A compilation DVD entitled Colour Box: 19 Films by Len Lye is available from the Govett-Brewster Shop.