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Ruth Buchanan, <i>The scene in which I find myself / Or, where does my body belong</i>, 2019. Installation photo: Mark Dwyer.

The Gallery’s Foundation offers you ways to connect with and contribute to the Govett-Brewster and its programme, collection, and projects. From Foundation Membership to corporate Partnership, to Team Zizz, the Foundation exists to make a difference.

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Govett-Brewster Foundation Awards 2021


What happens within the Gallery’s walls constantly fires the imagination and expands ideas. Our work with contemporary artists expands the sense of what’s possible.

The Foundation is your personal point of connection with Aotearoa New Zealand’s world-class centre of contemporary art. We are a forward-thinking and collaborative network of people who are passionate about contemporary art, ideas and experiences, and confident in the unique role the Govett-Brewster plays.

The Foundation is led by a passionate group of trustees comprising Phil Hinton, Steivan Juvalta, Alex Laurenson, Lynda Matthews and Kinsley Sampson, who collectively span the gallery’s 50-year story and donate their considerable expertise, knowledge and passion to the success of the Foundation and the Gallery.

We work closely with the Gallery team, Len Lye Foundation, the Friends of the Govett-Brewster and a wide range of long-term partners to build and enjoy a greater relationship with the Govett-Brewster, and positively help the Gallery reach its aspirations.

We invite you to join us, and build and enjoy a greater relationship with the Govett-Brewster, and make a tangible difference to the power of art and ideas.

Fire your imagination. Let’s talk.

John Leuthart
Chair, Govett-Brewster Foundation


Will you join us?

Membership of the Govett-Brewster Foundation connects you to a team of influential business leaders and community-minded philanthropists nationally who collectively nourish the social and cultural impacts of the Govett-Brewster.

Here’s how you can be involved in the future of the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery / Len Lye Centre:

Foundation Membership

As a Foundation Member, you’ll become part of a vibrant group - centred in New Plymouth with nationwide reach - which enables the Govett-Brewster to continue to present significant contemporary artists and their work. This bold work needs bold supporters, and investment beyond the Gallery’s core investment from New Plymouth District Council.

Membership support will be focused on targeted projects in the Gallery, beginning with a new large-scale commission by a New Zealand artist for the ramp and the acquisition of a major work for the Gallery’s permanent collection in early 2022.

In return for your support you’ll enjoy a unique and exclusive programme of benefits. Starting with a personalised membership card that opens doors and unlocks discounts, you’ll gain invitations to member-only exhibition previews, talks and tours, and access to national contemporary art events across Aotearoa New Zealand. You’ll get insight and information about the gallery and its programmes in advance.

To fire your imagination and those of others, become a member of the Govett- Brewster Foundation completing the form linked here.


Team Zizz

Spearheaded by the Len Lye Foundation, Team Zizz is a community of donors who are deeply passionate about the work of Len Lye and realising his remarkable ideas and vision: at the heart of Team Zizz is a desire to realise the bold and ambitious large-scale kinetic works envisaged by Len Lye.

To date Team Zizz has raised $150,000 to engineer three of Lye’s kinetic sculptures, including the popular Wand Dance and Sky Snakes, with a third work currently in development to be unveiled in late 2021.

Team Zizz offers two levels of support - $50 or $100 per month for 3 years.



The Foundation’s Partners are businesses who strategically align their brands, teams and networks to the Govett-Brewster and its programmes. Partnerships are tailored to brand and market priorities, with strategic alignment to brand goals and stories, such as Govett Quilliam’s support of the Gallery’s innovative Monica Brewster Evenings, Clelands’ support of exhibition construction, or Macfarlanes’ work to showcase their extensive hospitality skills.

The Foundation’s current partners include Todd Energy, Govett Quilliam - The Lawyers, Baker Tilly Staples Rodway, Clelands Construction, Macfarlanes Hospitality.

Partnership offers an exciting opportunity to demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to creativity and bold new ideas, and the Gallery has remarkable opportunities for you to make a visible difference to the local and national cultural landscape.

Partner investment ranges from $5,000 - $25,000 annually for three years. Contact us to find out how you can partner with the Foundation to make a real impact.



The Foundation works with an influential group of Patrons to help achieve the Govett-Brewster’s vision for its collection and programmes over the next 50 years and beyond. Our Patrons represent the pinnacle of involvement with the Gallery, and in acknowledgement of their support receive bespoke opportunities to engage with the Gallery and its team.

Becoming a Patron enables you to work directly with the Gallery to realise ambitious art projects, installations and additions to the permanent collection.

When you are ready to make a significant and lasting contribution to one of New Zealand’s best art stories, contact us to become Govett-Brewster Foundation Patron.


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