Our Purpose

Our purpose: 

Firing the imagination and opening minds to create an expanded sense of what is possible.

Our ambition for the future: 

A bold and innovative contemporary art centre, connecting people, communities and cultures and encouraging critical dialogue about the world we live in.

Our strategic agenda:

Contemporary Pacific

  • Presenting contemporary art of Aotearoa and the Pacific
  • Exploring new ideas, practices, and experiences
  • Connecting art with the community
  • Reflecting international perspectives

Living Collection

  • Developing the collection
  • Assuring best practice custodianship
  • Enabling access and interaction

Connected Community

  • Welcoming all audiences
  • Communicating with communities
  • Growing productive partnership

Valued People

  • Embracing Te Ao Māori  
  • Encouraging collaboration and cohesion
  • Embracing diversity
  • Assuring wellbeing

Resilient Institution

  • Developing organisational capability
  • Responsible environmental footprint
  • Funding our future

Our values:

He Ngākau Toi

We love art and the difference it makes to our lives.We value creativity within culture, and honour the arts and artists of Tangata Whenua and First Nations and the many contemporary artists within Aotearoa, the Pacific and internationally.


We grow in genuine partnership with Tangata Whenua.
We build partnerships with Māori to enable learning and understanding, and facilitate the development of programmes and collections that celebrate the art and culture of Tangata Whenua.

Mana Tangata

We embrace the mana of our people.
We foster caring and respectful relationships that welcome difference and diversity and recognise the unique potential of every person to make a valuable contribution to the community.


We achieve more by working together.
We collaborate with artists, arts practitioners, arts organisations, and our supporters to create programmes that contribute to the development of contemporary art in Aotearoa.


We make a difference by helping others to succeed.
We operate inclusively holding a shared intention for the future, developing the individual and collective capability of our people to make a meaningful contribution within the wider community we serve.

Oranga Tangata

We care about the wellbeing of our community.
We are committed to co-creating an enabling working environment that nurtures and supports the wellbeing of the people we work with, and to building a community that cares for the natural environment that we share.


Our commitment to the environment

The Gallery team is committed to a genuine and active response to the impacts of climate change. We are constantly reviewing our operations and taking actions across all areas of our organisation, with projects looking at energy efficiencies, reusing or recycling materials, considering our travel and freight requirements, and preferring suppliers from the local creative community and industry where possible.