Art is for everyone. 
So is the Gallery.

Welcome to the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery | Len Lye Centre, where everyone is encouraged to explore, discover and experience art.

The Gallery offers a wide range of inclusive services, facilities and programmes available for all communities. Please talk with the team at the front desk if you have questions, concerns or require support.

We are committed to being an accessible gallery and are constantly working to remove barriers so everyone can experience our exhibitions, feel supported viewing the art, and are comfortable and safe in the building. We value feedback and welcome suggestions that would help you to enjoy your visit.
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Before your visit

Getting to the Gallery

The Gallery entrance is located at 42 Queen Street, in central New Plymouth. 

Public transport is available within New Plymouth - you can view information on the urban routes here


Two designated limited mobility parking spaces are available directly outside the Gallery entrance on Queen Street. Display of a mobility parking card is required for use of these spaces.

Please note that the surface between the footpath and the road is not level and may require you to travel to find the nearest ramp.

Non-designated car parks on surrounding streets are metered from 9am - 5pm Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm, but free on Sundays. You can use cash, credit card, or download the Pay My Park app.

Visiting the Gallery

Opening Hours

The Gallery is open every day 10am-5pm. 
We are closed on Christmas Day.


Visitors – $15
65+ years – $10
16+ students – $10
New Plymouth residents – Free
Friends of the Gallery – Free
Under 16s – Free

Tickets are purchased from the front desk inside the Gallery entrance on Queen Street.
If you are a resident of New Plymouth District, aged under 16, or a Friend of the Gallery, admission is free, but ID or proof of address (a Puke Ariki Library card is a handy option) will likely be required.

Entering the Gallery

The Gallery entrance is combined with the gift shop and accessible through the main entrance on Queen Street. The automatic sliding glass doors are on a flat level surface. Inside the Govett-Brewster Shop and Gallery entrance is a wheelchair access ramp to the restaurant café, Monica’s Eatery, located next door.

Getting around the Gallery

The Gallery is set over a number of levels, which are connected by ramps, stairs and an elevator. 

All spaces and facilities are mobility-friendly, and we have manual wheelchairs and a braked walking frame available for use while at the Gallery. There is no extra cost for their use, but please do call ahead and book if required.

Note that one of the ramps in the building has a steep incline - please don't hesitate to ask the Gallery team for assistance. 

Visiting during Exhibition Changeover

At various times throughout the year the Gallery team works to refresh or changes its exhibitions. During these times, some gallery spaces may have limited access or be closed to ensure safety of visitors and installation work. The installation process can involve industrial materials and loud tools or processes - if you are sensitive to either then we recommend giving us a call or checking our website prior to your visit.

Where a significant portion of the gallery is closed, a reduced entry fee will be made available. 

Accessibility Programmes 

Sense Art Tours

We host a selection of sensory-focused programmes and workshops.

Sense Art introduces key artworks and exhibition themes through tours and art-making workshops tailored to the needs of our visitors with hearing or vision impairments. Each programme is between 1 to 2 hours and free of charge.

Please refer to our Whats On page to see the next upcoming Sense Art Tour.

Public and Cinema Programmes

The Gallery hosts a wide range of programmes to engage our visitors with art, with talks, tours, workshops and more. For more information these programmes, check out our What's On Events Page

If you would like to attend a public programme or cinema screening and require assistance, please let us know in advance so suitable seating and arrangements can be made.

Our cinema has two allocated wheelchair spaces, and we give free entry for a companion assisting a Gallery visitor or Cinema goer.

Accessibility Resources

Service Animals

Guide and Assistance Dogs are welcome in all gallery spaces.

Hearing Assistance

Hearing Loop is available in the Cinema – please ask staff for assistance.

Visitors to the Gallery who are sensitive to sound can borrow a pair of earmuffs during their visit. Simply ask a staff member or visit the front desk to borrow a pair. Please ensure you return them when you are finished.

Large Print

You can find large print text versions of the exhibition wall labels, when available, in most gallery spaces or at the front desk. Digital copies will be on the exhibition-related tab on our website.

Public Toilets

Non-gendered toilets are on the ground floor of the Len Lye Centre. One toilet is wheelchair accessible and has baby changing facilities. Please note, the door on the wheelchair accessible toilet pulls to open.

Sensory Maps

For visitors who experience sensitivity to high levels of noise, light, and smells, Sensory Maps have been developed to help indicate potential areas of high or low sensory activity.

This map is updated regularly to reflect our change of exhibitions. 

Sensory Map Summer 2020

Sensory Video

The gallery regularly exhibits kinetic sculptures, which can have high noise levels or flashing reflected light.  

We understand that not everyone experiences art in the same way. This short video is designed to indicate the types of artworks you may experience on your visit and is intended to be watched prior to your visit. The video footage shows the individual parts of the kinetic sculpture in motion – especially when the sculpture is performing at its fastest and loudest.

The aim is to provide information for our visitors who interpret sound, light and motion in their own way, and to give an idea of what you can expect to see and encounter on a visit to the gallery

Please note, this video is for reference only, the exact work may not be on display at the time of your visit.

Visiting with babies and infants

Breastfeeding and infant bottle feeding are welcome in the Gallery.

The Todd Energy Learning Centre can offer a quiet space, and a place to mix infant formula, when it is available - please talk to the Gallery staff if you need assistance.

Seating is readily available in most gallery spaces, with a mix of benches and lightweight portable stools. Ask a staff member if you would like a stool - they can be carried around the Gallery with you. 

Food and drink is not permitted in any of the gallery spaces, but a water fountain is located near the toilets on the Ground floor. Food and drink is allowed in the Todd Energy Learning Centre.


There is free Wi-Fi available throughout the Gallery, though in some places wi-fi signal can be compromised by the artworks or the architecture.