Sensory Resources

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Sensory Maps

For visitors who experience sensitivity to high levels of noise, light, and smells, Sensory Maps have been developed to help indicate potential areas of high or low sensory activity.

This map is updated regularly to reflect our change of exhibitions. 

Sensory Map Summer 2020

Sensory Video

The gallery regularly exhibits kinetic sculptures, which can have high noise levels or flashing reflected light.  

We understand that not everyone experiences art in the same way. This short video is designed to indicate the types of artworks you may experience on your visit and is intended to be watched prior to your visit. The video footage shows the individual parts of the kinetic sculpture in motion – especially when the sculpture is performing at its fastest and loudest.

The aim is to provide information for our visitors who interpret sound, light and motion in their own way, and to give an idea of what you can expect to see and encounter on a visit to the gallery

Please note, this video is for reference only, the exact work may not be on display at the time of your visit.