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Napoli is now one of Italy’s most popular tourist destinations, igniting the imagination of visitors from around the world. Considered to be the capital of the south, it was for centuries, the second most populous city in Europe. To appreciate its mysteries actor/director Marco D’amore (star of the crime series Gomorrah) is our guide. It is a documen ary melding history with myths, science with legend and truth with fiction. It proves a perfectly-pitched approach in a place that lives and breathes superstition and folklore that rivals any other European city. The warmth of Marco D’Amore as a curious, approachable guide allows the viewer to enter into intriguing stories and locations including a gigantic maze of three-thousandyear-old tunnels underneath the city. The ancient past is palpable, vital, and present in every moment in Napoli, and this documentary manages to capture something truly elusive.