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To accompany the Te Hau Whakatonu exhibition, the Wairoa Māori Film Festival has curated a selection of Māori and Indigenous films. Hiona Henare's beautifully lyrical and intimate documentary closes in tightly on the art and meaning of tatau in Ruahine: Stories in her Skin, among previous winners at FIFO in Tahiti. In receiving their traditional moko kauae (chin tattoos) Māori women are visually asserting their birthright and identity while celebrating the mana (spiritual power) of their whakapapa (ancestry). Taking viewers inside two moko kauae ceremonies, Ruahine explores the powerful and personal reasons why women get the tattoo; a practice once suppressed through legislation and now experiencing a resurgence. Henare's access delivers an uninhibited and unobstructed experience, filled with traditional songs and story. This screening is accompanied by short film Native in Nūhaka, also by Hiona Henare (2018, Aotearoa NZ, 15 min.), a short documentary on the Wairoa Māori Film Festival held in Kahungunu Marae, Nuhaka.